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This is the official, band-approved Keith community. They a highly talented act, based in Manchester. They (unlike many current bands) truly sound like themselves. Their live act is explosive and they have played several high-profile tours. Their sound is a unique blend of intriguing beats and haunting melodies. They have an amazing array of influences and are fearless in their songwriting. Please join, support this exciting band and share your reviews and pictures of Keith. Don't be shy!

¡Our only rule is that we discourage the online sharing of Keith's music. It's not like they're f***ing U2! Thanks! (Everyone likes pirates. But I hate people that pirate my brother's band. Neither a requester nor an uploader be.)!

✪Come join the KEITH LAST FM GROUPADD KEITH'S MYSPACE✫Also check out their label, LUCKY NUMBER MUSICA good interview with the bandKeith PhotosHEAR an XFM session with the band.Keith Facebook Fan PageKeith Facebook Group

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Questions? Suggestions? Complaints? *screwthepast at livejournal dot com.*

Community artist is the multi-talented saywhatyousee